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Great White Car Wash

WashPass Memberships

Redefining self-serve car washing

*Currently unavailable at Dufferin (SE)

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*These services are currently unavailable at Dufferin (SE)

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Self-serve experience like none other

Shareable Membership

WashPass memberships are fully sharable. Wash multiple cars with one membership alone.

Lowest Prices

Starting at only $0.90/min, the WashPass membership lets you wash at the lowest prices with no restrictions.

Automatic Reloads

Forget having to reload your card over and over. With the WashPass your card is automatically reloaded each month.

*Currently unavailable at Dufferin (SE)

Not ready for a membership?

Get a WashCard instead!

Be part of the community

  • The minimum charge to use the self-serve bays is $2.

  • Our self-serve pay stations automatically charge a $33 pre-authorization amount. This is to prevent large transactions in case the machine is left running by accident.

    The pre-authorization amount will be automatically refunded to your card within 3-5 business days depending on your bank.

  • The WashPass is a monthly subscription service that reduces the cost of the self-serve services. Each member receives a card that can be used in our bays for any vehicle. Depending on the membership tier, the cost per minute to use our bays ranges from $1.00/minute to $0.90/minute.

    The WashPass cards are reloaded on the anniversary date of your membership with the amount corresponding to your membership tier. The pay station will charge the non-promotional price, so the card is loaded with extra funds to match the number minutes you would be able to wash for according to the cost per minute of your membership.

    Once card runs out of funds for the month it cannot be manually recharged. If you find yourself running out of funds too early, consider upgrading the membership tier or purchasing a supplementary WashCard. Any updates to the membership such as tier change or cancellation will be reflected on the next anniversary date.

    All membership tiers allow you to use all the self-serve amenities in our bays, the only difference is the minutes per month you can wash at the member's price!

  • No! The WashPass membership is tied to your account only. You can purchase a membership and wash multiple vehicles or even share it with your friends and family!

  • To update your membership tier, you can select "Manage your WashPass" on the Self-Serve page or simply ask one of our staff members. The changes will be reflected on the next anniversary date.

  • Being our flagship location, Dufferin (SE) currently uses a different system than our other washes. This system unfortunately does not support memberships and online card management.

  • By using a Loyalty Card (Dufferin) or WashCard (all other locations) you unlock extra savings in the self-serve! We offer a 10% added bonus to any purchase or reload of $50 or more!

    If you purchased a WashCard, you may also register the card to avoid losing funds in case the card is lost or stolen.

  • Our bays are fully equipped with everything you need to pamper your ride!

    To ensure that the results of our facility is up to our standard and that our commitment to the environment is upheld we don't allow the use of external products including brushes and sponges.

  • We ask all customers to please respect all other people present at our locations. You are more than welcome to dry your vehicle indoors when the bays are not busy. However, if there is high traffic, you may be asked to move to one of our outdoor parking spaces or vacuum areas to continue to dry your vehicle.

Self-Serve FAQ

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