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Care for the environment


At Great White Wash, we take the environment very seriously. We aim to minimize our footprint as much as possible. For this reason, we conserve and reclaim all the water we use. This prevents contaminated water from polluting waterways and harming wildlife - or even human life. On top of this, the cleaning agents we use are designed to be 100% biodegradable, which means we release NO CHEMICAL POLLUTION.


Even though our chemicals completely biodegrade, they still have the chance to cause damage during the process. This is why we take extra measures to prevent this such as filtering them out of our water and safely disposing of them. Nevertheless, unforeseen events could happen during transport causing a leak or spill. Luckily, we have thought of this too, and therefore, we only use non-toxic chemicals to even further reduce our chances of harming the land!


Great White Wash is proud to be the ONLY car wash in Canada to wear the WaterSavers® badge. What does this mean? That we use less freshwater than even your typical washing machine - specifically, only 40 gallons! By comparison, using a hose to wash your car at home, you can use over 60 gallons every 5 minutes.

360° Washes

Great White washes clean your vehicle all around! Whether you like to clean with your own hands or go through the express tunnel, we will clean every inch top-to-bottom and side-to-side, while gently touching your paint!


Did you know that if a car remains unwashed, the dirt and gunk build up will eat away at the clear coat leaving the paint and metal exposed to the elements? This causes the metal to start rusting and severely reduces the lifetime of your vehicle by years! This is especially true for the undercarriage! The good news? Our express washes only take 3 minutes!!

Environmentally Friendly and Clean

Great White Wash is the only car wash in Canada that is part of the WaterSavers® program which means we use less fresh water than even most washing machines!

We also treat all of the water we use, which is why your ride will stay spot free even if you don't leave completely dry!

All Vehicles Welcome

Whether you bring in a car, pickup, or commercial and construction vehicle, you can always get the Great White Wash experience!




The idea for Great White Wash came out of a necessity. The owners saw a gap in the market where a great car wash experience should be. They noticed that traditional car washes never left them satisfied, and even occasionally damaged their exterior paint. Moreover, the wait times were long and the experience left much to be desired. There had to be another way!

After three years of planning and strategizing, Great White Wash was born. A company that promises to let people enjoy a scratch-and-spot-free, clean ride, and have a great experience at it too! Great White Wash not only allows you to clean your car but your motorbike, ATV, RV, commercial vehicle, and everything in between. 

Great White Wash staff are passionate about the service it provides and the people it provides it to! This is why the owners focused heavily on the user experience, inventing highly sought-out attractions such as the amazing light shows in the express tunnel and the Tunnel of Terror. However, customer experience is the added benefit, what people really want is a great wash. This is why Great White Wash's locations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and cleaning agents in both the express tunnels and self-serve bays. 

But a great car wash has to be great for the planet it lives on too. For this reason, Great White Wash has joined the WaterSavers® program becoming the ONLY car wash in Canada that maintains eco-friendly standards and solutions to leave a minimal impact on the environment. 

Community Investment

We leverage our success in business to grow and improve the communities we operate in. Whether it’s big or small, every organization and community initiative deserves an opportunity to succeed. By investing close to home, we see the tangible results that our efforts make and the impact they have. We value success and that includes the successes of the organizations we support.

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