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Great White Car Wash

Fleet & Corporate

Washing solutions for all your business needs.

Our Fleet Program offers the convenience of washing all the vehicles in your fleet with any combination of truck wash, self-serve bays, and express tunnel services while maintaining one simple account and payment.

Cost Savings

Our express tunnel only takes 5 minutes or under per vehicle saving 100’s of hours a year. We also provide volume-based discounts on all services, allowing your fleet to focus on higher-value activities.

No Hidden Fees

No transaction fees, and full transparency means no hidden fees for you. Our quotes are all-inclusive.

Peace of Mind

We provide protection from abuse by actively logging self-serve and truck wash usage while our express tunnel tags are tied to each vehicle, meaning only the ones that you approve can wash.

Consolidated Billing

Our fleet program provides you monthly consolidated billing based on usage and express tunnel tags per location. We log all for you and send you one bill. No receipt sorting required!

Employee Benefits

Each Fleet Account comes with a discounted corporate membership rate for your employees. A perfect addition to the employment benefits package at no extra cost!


Mix and match our express tunnel, self-serve, and truck wash options at multiple locations to provide only the wash service each vehicle needs. We also provide multiple payment options to best suit your needs!

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Card Management

We help make fleet washing convenient by leaving you the option to leave your self-serve or truck bay wash cards with your drivers, or leave them with us to hand out when a member of your team arrives. To prevent abuse, we log each time your fleet cards are used.

Ecological Commitment

In a world where climate action is at the forefront of societal and economic discussions, where you wash is important.

Great White Car Wash is proud to be the ONLY car wash in Western Canada to wear the WaterSavers® badge. This means that we use less fresh water than your typical washing machine - specifically, 30 gallons! (That’s also the amount of water you use to shower). 

Of these 30 gallons, 80% of it is reclaimed, filtered, and reused in our wash cycle. Plus, we only use 100% non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents and waxes, making us the most eco-friendly car wash in Canada.


  • Yes, we offer fleet memberships at a discounted corporate rate per vehicle. We also offer staff members of fleet accounts a discounted rate for their personal vehicles.

  • Yes, each vehicle receives its own tag to access the tunnel and track usage. The account is charged a discounted rate per tag. 

  • The tunnel can fit SRW vehicles only. We have a fully equipped self-serve that can look after your duallys!

  • Fleet invoices can be paid via credit card, EFT, or e-transfer. We also support ARI and Element cards.

  • Currently, we do not support automatic payments for our fleet accounts.

  • You will receive a detailed invoice with the RFID tags, self-serve, and truck wash usage. We will also provide supporting documents for the self-serve and truck wash with a detailed log of each time the wash cards were used. This will be done for each location you have an account in.

  • We will send your invoice(s) by email between the 1st and the 6th of each month.

  • You can get as many wash cards as you need, each fleet account recieves up to 10 complimentary wash cards. There is a $5 fee for each additional card.

  • Each fleet account receives up to 10 complimentary wash cards, and each tunnel fleet membership receives a tag. For any additional or replacement RFID tags or wash cards after the limit, there is a $5 fee.

  • Simply reach our to our Fleet Coordinator, or contact the Great White Car Wash location that the card was issued by and we'll get a replacement ready right away!

  • If your RFID sticker stops working please contact our Fleet Coordinator or contact the Great White Car Wash location that issued the tag and we will replace it for you on your next visit.

  • Please send your tax exempt certificate to our Fleet Coordinator and we will set up the account accordingly.

  • You can contact the Fleet Coordinator that helped you initially. If you are unsure who helped you, please email or phone (587) 997-6090 with your inquiry.

  • Please contact the accounting department of the Great White Car Wash location that issued your invoice. You will find the contact details on your contract or invoice. If you are unsure of which location to contact, please reach out to your Fleet Coordinator or

Fleet Account FAQ

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