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  • The Unlimited Shark Club membership allows you to wash every at one low price. We require a credit card to process monthly payments, but the first month can be purchased via any payment method. 

    To sign up simply click the "Join The Shark Club" link and fill out the form. Our staff will be notified of your request and next time you need a car wash you can visit our office to complete the payment. Once everyting is completed, one of our wonderful team members will give you your member rewards card and stick an RFID sticker on your winshield, this sticker will be detected by our system every time you visit our tunnel and will open the gates automatically. You are now part of our Unlimited Shark Club, we hope you enjoy!

  • When you arrive at the entrance of our tunnel, a wash attendant will guide you on the track safely. Follow their instructions to make sure you are aligned perfectly! When they indicate to stop, lift you foot off the pedals, put the car in neutral, and keep your hands off the steering wheel.

    Now the wash attendant will prep your vehicle to make sure that all the hidden nooks and crannies are targeted while you lay back and enjoy the ride! At the end of the tunnel, look for our traffic light and once it turns green you are good to go!

  • We can accomodate most stock makes and models. Any aftermarket additions or modifcations may need to be reviewed. If you're unsure if your vehicle is safe to wash please ask our lovely staff. We are also able to retract brushes if you're okay with not washing one side of the vehicle. Some general rules are:

    • Maximum Height: 7' 2" (2.2 m)

    • NO dual rear wheels (duallys)

    • Ladder racks: must be removed or brushes can be retracted

    • Roof boxes: must be removed or brushes can be retracted

    • Bike racks: must be removed or brushes can be retracted (only if on roof)

    • Tool boxes: must be securely shut

    • Decals: allowed at owner's risk

    • Truck beds: must be clear of debris and loose items

    Please read the disclaimer sign in front of our tunnel before entering.

  • Yes, as long as they are in good condition.

  • The tunnel can fit SRW vehicles only. We have a fully equipped self-serve that can look after your duallys!

  • Because of the water temperature, if you have crack or chips on your windshield they may expand. It generally safe if it's warm outside, but it will not be risk-free. We are not responsible for crack resulting from previous damage.

  • We accept credit, debit, cash, and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet for single washes and retail. However, currently we only accept credit cards for our Unlimited Shark Club memberships.

    If you are concerned about the charge sitting on the card for an extended period of time, most banks allow automated transfers from chequing accounts to credit cards.

  • If the RFID sticker is faulty, peeling, or has stopped working, please let our friendly staff know and we will replace it for you immediately! If we find that you have attemped to tamper with or remove the sticker, we will replace it and a $5 fee will be applied.

  • No problem, once your windshield has been replaced, or you have your new vehicle, let one of our staff members know, we will deactivate your old RFID sticker and give you a new one free of charge!

    If you will be without a vehicle for a while, please let our staff know and we can pause your membership until you are able to wash again.

  • Yes, each RFID sticker is permanently placed on the windshield. For any additional vehicles we offer a family plan add-on at a discounted rate.

  • Yes! There is no commitment to us, just to your vehicle!

    We also offer yearly contracts which are paid upfront but you only pay for 10 months, instead of 12!

Express Tunnel FAQ

  • The minimum charge to use the self-serve bays is $2.

  • Our self-serve pay stations automatically charge a $33 pre-authorization amount. This is to prevent large transactions in case the machine is left running by accident.

    The pre-authorization amount will be automatically refunded to your card within 3-5 business days depending on your bank.

  • The WashPass is a monthly subscription service that reduces the cost of the self-serve services. Each member receives a card that can be used in our bays for any vehicle. Depending on the membership tier, the cost per minute to use our bays ranges from $1.00/minute to $0.90/minute.

    The WashPass cards are reloaded on the anniversary date of your membership with the amount corresponding to your membership tier. The pay station will charge the non-promotional price, so the card is loaded with extra funds to match the number minutes you would be able to wash for according to the cost per minute of your membership.

    Once card runs out of funds for the month it cannot be manually recharged. If you find yourself running out of funds too early, consider upgrading the membership tier or purchasing a supplementary WashCard. Any updates to the membership such as tier change or cancellation will be reflected on the next anniversary date.

    All membership tiers allow you to use all the self-serve amenities in our bays, the only difference is the minutes per month you can wash at the member's price!

  • No! The WashPass membership is tied to your account only. You can purchase a membership and wash multiple vehicles or even share it with your friends and family!

  • To update your membership tier, you can select "Manage your WashPass" on the Self-Serve page or simply ask one of our staff members. The changes will be reflected on the next anniversary date.

  • Being our flagship location, Dufferin (SE) currently uses a different system than our other washes. This system unfortunately does not support memberships and online card management.

  • By using a Loyalty Card (Dufferin) or WashCard (all other locations) you unlock extra savings in the self-serve! We offer a 10% added bonus to any purchase or reload of $50 or more!

    If you purchased a WashCard, you may also register the card to avoid losing funds in case the card is lost or stolen.

  • Our bays are fully equipped with everything you need to pamper your ride!

    To ensure that the results of our facility is up to our standard and that our commitment to the environment is upheld we don't allow the use of external products including brushes and sponges.

  • We ask all customers to please respect all other people present at our locations. You are more than welcome to dry your vehicle indoors when the bays are not busy. However, if there is high traffic, you may be asked to move to one of our outdoor parking spaces or vacuum areas to continue to dry your vehicle.

Self-Serve FAQ

  • Yes, we offer fleet memberships at a discounted corporate rate per vehicle. We also offer staff members of fleet accounts a discounted rate for their personal vehicles.

  • Yes, each vehicle receives its own tag to access the tunnel and track usage. The account is charged a discounted rate per tag. 

  • The tunnel can fit SRW vehicles only. We have a fully equipped self-serve that can look after your duallys!

  • Fleet invoices can be paid via credit card, EFT, or e-transfer. We also support ARI and Element cards.

  • Currently, we do not support automatic payments for our fleet accounts.

  • You will receive a detailed invoice with the RFID tags, self-serve, and truck wash usage. We will also provide supporting documents for the self-serve and truck wash with a detailed log of each time the wash cards were used. This will be done for each location you have an account in.

  • We will send your invoice(s) by email between the 1st and the 6th of each month.

  • You can get as many wash cards as you need, each fleet account recieves up to 10 complimentary wash cards. There is a $5 fee for each additional card.

  • Each fleet account receives up to 10 complimentary wash cards, and each tunnel fleet membership receives a tag. For any additional or replacement RFID tags or wash cards after the limit, there is a $5 fee.

  • Simply reach our to our Fleet Coordinator, or contact Great White Car Wash location that the card was issued by and we'll get a replacement ready right away!

  • If your RFID sticker stops working please contact our Fleet Coordinator or contact the Great White Car Wash location issued the tag and we will replace it for you on your next visit.

  • Please send your tax exempt certificate to our Fleet Coordinator and we will set up the account accordingly.

  • You can contact the Fleet Coordinator that helped you initially. If you are unsure who helped you, please email or phone (587) 997-6090 with your inquiry.

  • Please contact the accounting department of the Great White Car Wash location that issued your invoice. You will find the contact details on your contract or invoice. If you are unsure of which location to contact, please reach out to your Fleet Coordinator or

Fleet Account FAQ

When will I get charged?

Your credit card will be charged on the anniversary date of when you joined the Unlimited Shark Club.

Can I sign up online?

Certainly! Click or tap any button that says to join the shark club and simply fill out your information.

I have some after-market additions, is it safe?

Many of our members have after-market additions, however, we cannot guarantee safety and the best results. Any damage to non-factory installed items is the responsibility of the owner.

Can my vehicle fit?

Although we can accommodate almost any vehicle, there may be some vehicles that won't fit. You can find specific site dimensions under our locations page.

What if my vehicle still has some water left after drying?

There will always be some water left after your wash, but don't worry, our spot free rinse won't leave any marks on your car. However, we recommend drying the vehicle before leaving to prevent road dust from getting trapped in the water, or the water freezing.

How long does the express wash take?

We can process over 110 cars per hour, and each wash takes no more than 3 minutes!

Are you open in the winter?

We are! We are open all year, however, when the temperature drops below -21°C, we close our express tunnel for safety.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel simply contact the location of your membership at least 72 hours before your renewal date. Keep an eye out for mobile account management!

I heard that brushes scratch cars, is it true?

Nylon brushes are guilty of trapping water and dirt which can cause damage, that's why we only use closed-cell foam technology which doesn't absorb anything at all! We also rinse our brushes before, during, and after each wash.

Why should I wash my car?

Washing your car is as much a part of maintenance as an oil change. It prevents harsh road chemicals from damaging your vehicle, road debris from stripping your coating, and rust from forming.

Why did I get charged $33 in the self-serve?

The $33 charge is a pre-authorization charge, much like when you get gas. The funds that you didn't use will be refunded to you within 3-5 business days depending on your bank.

Do you have family discounts?

We do! As long as all vehicles are added to the same credit card, any package equal to or lower than the highest membership level you purchased receives a 10% discount. There is no number limit to the extra memberships!


You Asked, We Answered

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