Self-Serve Truck wash

With the average commercial truck costing more than most homes in Calgary, it is an investment worth protecting. While it is quick and convenient to roll through our automatic truck wash, sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and pamper your baby by hand in a self-serve truck wash bay.

Great White’s Self-Service Truck Wash Offerings

The dual 110’ self-serve truck wash bays at Great White come loaded with everything you could ever need to wash the dirt and grime of the road off, and put the shine back on. We only use the highest quality, acid-free, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals to ensure you get the hand truck wash results you’re looking for, while protecting your vehicle and our environment.

Each self-serve truck wash bay at Great White has two prepping stations offering a wide range of extremely effective self-service truck wash services, including:

  • Pre-soak

  • High-pressure soap

  • Foam gun

  • Tire and engine cleaner

  • Foaming brush with scented soap

  • Triple-foam polish

  • Rinse

  • Spot-free rinse

  • Wax

  • …And so much more!

Your New Hand Truck Wash Destination

At Great White, our goal is to make you as enthusiastic about having a clean vehicle as we are! So, when you pull into our self-serve truck wash bays, you’ll find a bright, clean, well-kept facility and an absolutely unsurpassed commitment to providing the best customer service each and every time. We stand behind the safety of our self-service truck wash with modern equipment that is consistently maintained by experienced service technicians that are trained to keep it running smoothly. Combined with our commitment to the environment, Great White truly is one of the best self-serve truck washes in Calgary.