Automatic Truck Wash

Great White is home to Calgary’s only fully automatic truck wash. With most truck wash facilities requiring two or more hours to process each vehicle, we made it our personal mission to give our customers an ultra-convenient, fully automated truck wash in just 15 minutes or less so they can keep their schedules moving quickly. Whether you have dangerous and costly ice buildup, or are covered in sticky mud or debris, we can get your rig cleaned up and back on the road in less time that it takes to eat lunch! Reduce your downtime and avoid costly delays – get an automatic semi-truck wash with Great White and save money and time.

A Comprehensive, Touchless Truck Wash


Wheel & Undercarriage Cleaning System

Great White is proud to offer Canada’s only permanently installed Neptune MAX II Automated Drive Through Washing System. It is a tough, reliable undercarriage cleaning system that is specifically engineered as an exceptionally fast and efficient heavy-duty touchless truck wash using the principles of high volume and low pressure. This process provides an exceptionally efficient undercarriage clean for the complete length of the vehicle as it progresses through the system. The 24’ length allows for two full tire revolutions of cleaning power, able to remove everything from light sand to heavy clays, ice build-up and sticky debris with ease.

Watch the Neptune Wheel & Undercarriage System in action


V-MAX Commercial Auto Truck Wash System

To clean the top side of your vehicle, Great White offers a state-of-the-art automatic truck wash system. Utilizing sonic vehicle sizing, the V-Max® is a fully touchless automated truck wash system, engineered for constant, heavy-duty use, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This overhead gantry system delivers an amazing clean with unmatched performance, reliability, and superior results that provide a high-quality auto truck wash for any commercial vehicle – from a 30’ dump truck, to an 85’ tractor trailer, and everything in between – in as little as six minutes!

See the V-Max Commercial Wash System in action


Get the Great White Touchless Truck Wash Difference

Great White’s innovative, unique auto truck wash offers superior express exterior cleaning that protects your vehicle from the harsh road conditions in and around Calgary, while preserving its value by using only using gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents that are specially formulated for Canada’s tough driving conditions. Come experience the Great White automated truck wash difference for yourself – you’ll be glad you did.