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Welcome to the future of truck wash 


For many, the undercarriage is out of sight, out of mind, but not for us! That is where all the key components are, and therefore the most important part of the wash. We host solutions for those who like to get in with a hand-held wand, and also for those who don't!

Come experience the industrial undercarriage spray and never worry about what you can't see anymore!

six self-serve truck bays

What is the point of a commercial vehicle wash that has just one wash bay? None. That's why we host a total of 6 truck wash bays! These are self-serve bays equipped with the latest cleaning technology created for large vehicles. They include extended wands, foam guns, foam brushes, and hand or automatic undercarriage sprays. Forget long, boring lineups, there is space for everyone here!

*Truck bays available at our Dufferin (SE) location only

Standard and oversized Bays

Great White Wash also offers standard self-serve bays for your smaller commercial vehicles. Enjoy features such as interior shampoo and vacuums, as well as large bays that can accommodate Cube Vans, Tow Trucks, and more! Take full control over your usage by managing your fleet cards in-house, and choose how you want to receive invoices.

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