Our Truck Wash

Strategically located in the heart of the city’s logistics and distribution network area, Great White offers a commercial truck wash in Calgary’s southeast so your truck or fleet can stay clean and protected. Our facilities can accommodate large trucks and trailers, semi trucks, RV’s, even heavy-duty vehicles and more!

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Self-Serve Truck Wash

Great White gives you the ability to wash your vehicle in either of our twin 110’ self-serve commercial truck wash bays. Whether you need to clean an RV, a truck and a trailer or anything in between, our bays have everything needed to clean your vehicle inside and out with ease. 

  • Pre-Soak

  • High-Pressure Soap

  • Tire & Engine Cleaner

  • Rinse

  • And More...

Frequently asked questions

How large are the self-serve truck bays?

Our self-serve truck bays are 110’

What height are the truck bay doors?

15 Feet

Are there pre-authorization charges?

Yes there is a pre-authorization charge to use the commercial bays but it will be returned to your card within 72 hours of your visit.

Do you have an Acid Wash?

We strive to be environmentally friendly so we do not have an acid wash.

Do the self-serve truck bays take debit or fleet service cards?

Currently, only two of our pay stations accept debit card. All other pay stations accept credit card, Apple pay or loyalty card. The pay stations do not accept fleet service cards but we are able to load loyalty cards for use and print a receipt for reimbursement.

Do the self-serve truck bays have catwalks?

We do not have catwalks, but moveable platforms and longer wands are provided in the bays.

Join Our 
Fleet Program

Need to maintain an entire fleet without breaking the bank? No problem – we have that covered too. We offer competitive heavy-duty truck wash prices with our Great White fleet program. Remember, your fleet is the billboard for your business. It’s what the public see and unfortunately, it’s what they judge you on so present them with your best!