Automatic Car Wash Tunnel

Great White is home to Calgary’s longest, and most technologically advanced, express car wash tunnel! This innovative and high-tech automatic car wash system provides you with a clean, shiny, and dry vehicle in less than 4 minutes. Similar to most touchless car wash systems, you don’t have to leave your vehicle and can conveniently be on your way in no time. Touchless car washes use high pressure and harsh, heavy-duty chemicals to remove dirt and grime, which have the potential to damage a vehicle’s finish. The Great White cleaning process won’t harm your vehicle or paint’s finish, and will provide a superior result to any touchless car wash you’ve tried.


The Environmentally Friendly Drive-Through Car Wash

Great White’s drive-thru car wash offers a far superior express car wash that protects and preserves your vehicle’s value by using only using gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents that are specially formulated for Calgary’s tough weather conditions.


Calgary’s Fastest Express Car Wash

Time is your most precious commodity! We asked customers about their previous car wash experiences; their main complaint was that the process took too long. The average touchless car wash can only wash 8 cars per hour. Currently in Calgary, more than 95% of the automatic car washes can only wash 5-7 cars per hour. When a Chinook rolls in and everyone needs a wash, there are huge line-ups and people often wait 20 minutes or more, just to wash their vehicle. To combat these long lines and give Calgarians the fastest auto car wash experience, Great White’s express car wash tunnel is capable of cleaning over 110 cars per hour.


Great White’s Auto Car Wash Technology

Great White has partnered with Belanger to bring their multi-patented Spin-Lite automatic car wash equipment to the Calgary market. Spin-Lite is the world's first auto car wash technology. Designed to deliver 'Better Than Hand Wash' results, at production line speeds – getting you on your way in less than four minutes. Utilizing SpinMitt technology, this system delivers a quiet, gentle, massaging clean that outperforms conventional drive-through or touchless car wash systems and hand wash workers alike.

See the Belanger Spin-Lite Express Tunnel in action →



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