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Deals on Car Wash Loyalty Programs at Great White

Welcome to the Great White Car & Truck Wash online store where you can get great prices on car washes and more. At Great White we know a whale sized deal when we see it, and this is the place our loyal customers can get them!

We have monthly and seasonal car wash promotions that would make any sea-fairing bargain hunter say, Arrr! Keep checking in on this Car Wash Deals page for our latest hot-buy car wash promotions, specials on car wash supplies, and even excellent prices on our car wash loyalty programs – a.k.a. our car wash memberships!

Car Wash Gift Cards

Not sure about what car wash promo is best for your needs yet? Check out our awesome range of gift card options. We’ve made giving (or getting) a special car wash gift card easier than ever! Buy your Great White gift card with just a few clicks, and we will mail it directly to your or the recipient.

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Shark Attack Wash Booklets

When you buy your car washes in bulk you save the cash with special pricing! Pick a booklet of our of 5 or 10 washes of either our Hammerhead, Tiger or Great White car washes and save money instantly. Purchase your car wash deals directly online in minutes.

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