Our Car Wash

Welcome to Calgary’s largest and most technologically advanced car cleaning experience. Great White’s menu of car wash services includes an express automatic tunnel for a premium car wash experience, as well as seven manual-power car wash bays for those who prefer to be more hands on. Whether you prefer to pamper your vehicle yourself or favour the speed and convenience of an automatic full-service car wash, Great White will help protect your car and preserve its value by using only using gentle, environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents that are formulated for Calgary’s driving conditions.

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Express Car Wash

If speed and convenience are what you’re looking for, our automatic premium car wash tunnel is capable of cleaning over 110 cars per hour. This state-of-the-art system will provide a “better than hand-wash” result in less than four minutes. No waiting, no need to get out of your car – just an amazing full car wash, fast. 


Super Fast


Environmentally Friendly


Advanced Technology


Wash Every Day

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Self Serve Car Wash

For those who take their car cleaning seriously, our safe and bright seven self-serve bays come equipped with all the tools you will need to personally pamper your ride, including power car wash wands for a superior clean. With Great White, you can take your time in giving your vehicle a premium car wash experience–come try it for yourself!

  • Pre-Soak

  • High-Pressure Soap

  • Tire & Engine Cleaner

  • Foaming Brush

  • Triple-Foam Polish

  • Rinse

  • Spot-Free Rinse

  • Wax

  • Vacuums

  • And More...

Join Our Shark Club

Our Shark Club offers three amazing car wash service options, at one low monthly rate! Take your car cleaning to the next level and enjoy car washes in our full-service car wash tunnel each and every month.