Car Wash Fundraising Program

At Great White Car & Truck Wash, we’ve been blessed with great employees, a great community, and amazing customers that have allowed us to create the business we have today. And because the community has given us so much, we give back in return.

If you are a church, sports team, school, youth group, charity or other non-profit organization in the Calgary area that is interested in raising money, we’d love to help! Great White offers two easy fundraising options to choose from, giving you the opportunity to offer quality services that everyone can use. Pick the fundraising program that works best for your organization. You may sell tickets or gift cards. Both programs are very easy to set-up, and a fundraising representative is always available to assist you.

Simply choose either the Great White Loyalty Card Fundraiser or the Great White Voucher Fundraiser or you can even do both!

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Great White Loyalty Card Fundraiser COMING SOON!

How does it work?

  1. Set a Fundraising goal and time period

  2. Choose to sell either $25 or $50 Gift Cards

  3. Request the number of Wash Cards from Great White that you would like to sell

  4. Your organization will earn:

    • $5 for every $25 Gift Card sold

    • $15 for every $50 Gift Card sold


Goal: $1,500

  1. Sell 100 x $50 Gift Cards

  2. Collect $5,000

  3. Keep $1,500 for your organization

  4. Send $3,500 to Great White Car & Truck Wash

Great White will collect the unsold Gift Cards after 30 days and invoice your group for each one not returned.

*We will print your organization’s name or logo on each card. A set-up fee of only $.50 per card with a minimum order of 250 cards ($125) applies for card setup. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

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Great White Voucher Fundraiser


Before the event: Publicize and encourage your supporters to visit the car wash with a flyer or “ticket” that can be scanned each time they visit.

For every customer with a scanned flyer, ticket or voucher of support during the predetermined timeframe, great White will donate a portion of the proceeds according to the following:

  • $2 Donation for every Hammerhead Wash ($10)

  • $4 Donation for every Tiger Wash ($15)

  • $6 Donation for every Great White Wash ($20)


Great White Fundraiser Donations

Great White Car & Truck Wash is also willing to donate items to be used as prizes or auction items for fundraising events. Please contact our team to get started.