Fleet Wash Program

Why Consider a Fleet Wash Program?

Image is everything, and whether fair or not, the public will make judgements and assumptions about your business based on the appearance of your company’s vehicles. Keep your company looking it’s best with an affordable fleet wash program that is easy, flexible, and covers all the vehicles in your fleet – no matter how big or small.

Keep your fleet looking its best with as little effort and disruption to your business as possible by signing up for one of our exclusive fleet wash accounts today.

Why Choose Great White?

Due to the variety of vehicles a business may have, it is usually impossible to find one fleet wash provider that is able to service your entire fleet of vehicles - until now! Whether your fleet has pickups, cars, tractor/trailers, picker trucks, crane trucks, pump trucks, cube vans, and/or tankers, we are your one-stop shop! Great White Truck Wash is unique in Calgary because of our ability to wash any type of vehicle up to 85’ long in about 15 minutes.

At Great White Car & Truck Wash, we strive to deliver dedicated, exceptional quality fleet wash service every time your drivers visit our southeast Calgary location. With specially formulated detergents, cutting-edge and industry-specific equipment, and competitive fleet washing prices, we are able accommodate all of your company’s fleet washing needs.

Outstanding Quality & Prices on Fleet Washing

Great White fleet wash programs offer:

  • Competitive fleet washing prices

  • No transaction fees

  • Protection from fraud & abuse

  • Driver-specific access cards or RFID readers

  • Electronic authorization & controls to help keep you on budget

  • Detailed electronic billing

Fleet Program Clients