About Great White Car & Truck Wash

The idea for Great White Car & Truck Wash came about after we got tired of sitting in long car wash lines only to receive a mediocre wash! The car wash only had ONE job, and it couldn’t even do it well! So we asked ourselves, how could this be? After more than three years of working through that question, we found the answer. Actually, there are four answers...

The best car wash comes down to:

  1. The cleanest possible water

  2. The best non-toxic, non-damaging chemicals

  3. High-tech, environmentally-friendly equipment

  4. Dedicated, friendly and helpful team


1. Water

It all starts with the water we use. At Great White, we take water very seriously. We conserve it, reclaim it, and the water we use is the best available. As a result, our process delivers superior results while simultaneously maintaining one of the lowest water usages in our industry.

  • We use the most advanced water reclamation equipment to limit the impact on municipal water treatment systems.

  • We filter out impurities like minerals and other contaminants through both standard filters and reverse osmosis filtration systems. The result is a “wetter water” that helps us do a better job cleaning your car with less water usage overall.

  • Next, we mix this water with the finest, gentlest cleaning agents available, in an exact proportion blended fresh for every car.

  • Through a top-secret configuration of water valves, jets, pressure, and precise chemistry, you will exit in a clean, shiny, and dry vehicle in no time!


2. Better Chemicals

Unlike many other car washes, we understand proper chemistry is key to a great result. We never use large vats of harsh, pre-mixed chemicals that sit for long periods, breaking down and separating; we just don’t do that. Ever.

  • Our wash uses non-toxic, 100% biodegradable cleansers, to clean your vehicle in the best, most efficient way possible.

  • We have invested in state-of-the-art mixing technology that delivers precise amounts of crystal-clear water and gentle, effective detergents to produce the best possible results.


3. Environmental Awareness

We take great pride in our comprehensive focus on the environment and commitment to remaining as eco-friendly as possible. Our wash features the latest, equipment, as we are always looking for ways to improve our service while leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

  • As proud members of the International Car Wash Association “Water Savers” Program, our business is built on leading the way in the responsible use of water resources and cleaning agents.

  • We only use environmentally safe cleaning products and the most advanced water reclamation system to limit consumption and avoid impacting the local waterways and wildlife.

  • We are faithful stewards of the local water supply, and when you choose to wash your vehicle at Great White, you are too.


4. Great People

It’s not just high-tech wizardry. Each of our team members has been hand picked and extensively trained to provide you, our customer, with the Great White experience. We are so committed to serving our loyal customers that we even answer the phone when you call! (Real humans—go figure.)

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