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Great White Wash

"Visited the new Edmonton location today. They were amazing at explaining the membership plans and the auto car wash was so fast and efficient. They even have a grand opening special for the first 3 months. Plus, their soap smells like bubble gum."


“Every year, Great White Car and Truck Wash hosts a spooky and entertaining Halloween experience. Our boys love going through the car wash and being surprised by all the staff wearing costumes. We all go as a family, and we love it.”


"It's true what the others say. I was just here and he people who work here are great. Very helpful"


360° Washes

Great White washes clean your vehicle all around! Whether you like to clean with your own hands or go through the express tunnel, we will clean every inch top-to-bottom and side-to-side, while gently touching your paint!


Did you know that if a car remains unwashed, the dirt and gunk build up will eat away at the clear coat leaving the paint and metal exposed to the elements? This causes the metal to start rusting and severely reduces the lifetime of your vehicle by years! This is especially true for the undercarriage! The good news? Our express washes only take 3 minutes!!

Environmentally Friendly and Clean

Great White Wash is the only car wash in Canada that is part of the WaterSavers® program which means we use less fresh water than even most washing machines!

We also treat all of the water we use, which is why your ride will stay spot free even if you don't leave completely dry!

All Vehicles Welcome

Whether you bring in a car, pickup, or commercial and construction vehicle, you can always get the Great White Wash experience!


We offer the best car & truck wash services in Canada

Why Join the Unlimited Shark Club?

When you join the Unlimited Shark Club get ready to enjoy the ability to wash your vehicle every day, at one low price per month!


It doesn't stop there! The Shark Club membership is much more than daily car washes. As a member, you get instant access to:

  • Daily Car Washes

  • Free Events Tickets

  • Discounts at Partnered Businesses

  • Family Add-on Discounts


Membership has its privileges!




Satisfied Customers


Fleet Members

Support your local business

Support your local community when you use our services or show off the great location to your loved ones by giving them our gift cards!

Join the team

Our Values: Sustainability, Responsibility, Quality

No matter your age or seniority, at Great White Car Wash we recognize the strengths in each member of our team and open you up to the opportunities you deserve! We recognize the hard work that each person puts in for us and strive to make everyone feel appreciated and heard.

If you love making customers happy and providing a high-quality necessary service then Great White Car Wash is the place for you! We are always looking for people who go above and beyond, who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone, and who are hungry for more.

Great White Car Wash is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment as we build a workforce that reflects the diversity of the community in which we live, including those with disabilities. As stewards of the environment, we promote and work towards a more socially and environmentally sustainable future.

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