Are you ready to get spooky?

Great White Car & Truck Wash is hosting Calgary’s first and only Tunnel of Terror this Halloween for everyone looking for family friendly, hair-raising fun. This spooktacular haunted attraction is a hybrid experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. Prepare for a terrifying adventure while getting your vehicle scary clean at the same time!

Our incredible staff will be taking part in the fun with each brave customer getting some Halloween treats and a car wash they’ll never forget!

Calgary’s Best Car Wash

With the large variety of both residential and commercial vehicles traveling in the city, finding a single car wash in Calgary capable of handling any and all auto wash needs has been impossible—until now. Great White Car and Truck Wash is the largest and most technologically advanced Calgary car wash and truck wash. Featuring state-of-the-art technologies you won’t find anywhere else, and a commitment to providing superior customer service and fleet flexibility for our clients, Great White is the car wash in Calgary with it all!


Car Wash

Great White’s Calgary car wash includes an auto wash tunnel as well as seven self-serve bays. We also offer unlimited monthly car washes with our signature Shark Club memberships.


Truck Wash

Great White offers a revolutionary truck wash so your truck or fleet can stay clean and protected. We accommodate large trucks and semi-trailers, RV’s, heavy-duty construction vehicles, and more.

The Environmentally Friendly Calgary Car Wash

Great White excels in getting your vehicle back to looking its best in an environmentally conscious way, even when Mother Nature is giving us her worst. Using the industry’s most efficient cutting-edge vehicle wash technology, biodegradable chemicals, and an innovative water reclamation system, Great White produces a clean, shiny vehicle; all while using a fraction of the fresh water, and without the harsh chemicals and soaps used in traditional car washes. Most importantly, when you leave Great White, your vehicle will be perfectly clean, every time, no matter if you’re washing a car or a dump truck.

Great White’s Auto Wash Services

Great White is proud to offer Calgary’s longest express tunnel featuring a smoking “volcano” with erupting “lava” and light show! We also offer seven large self-serve car wash bays, two commercial self-serve vehicle wash bays, and Calgary’s only fully automatic commercial vehicle wash capable of cleaning the largest trucks, RVs, or industrial vehicles. No matter what you drive, we can clean it!




Express auto wash tunnel with innovative drying system that can process over 100 vehicles per hour in an average of 3.5 minutes per vehicle.


Seven regular & two 110’ self-serve commercial cleaning bays with a full slate of washing options and the latest technology.


Commercial automatic vehicle wash with undercarriage cleaner able to fully clean any size automobile up to 85’ long in under 20 minutes.


One of the Fastest Car Washes

Great White offers not only a superior wash for any vehicle type, but we can do it quicker and more efficiently than anyone else – providing a clean, dry and sparkling vehicle while reducing downtime and minimizing lost productivity for commercial users. With its sleek, modern look, modern technology, and convenient location, Great White is in a unique position to provide much-needed residential and commercial car wash services in Calgary. Learn more about us today or read our frequently asked questions for more information.

Visit Great White Car Wash Today

Have you ever sat in line for a car wash, only to get home and realize you still have a dirty vehicle? You deserve better! Who wants to spend 20 to 30 minutes for a sort-of clean vehicle? Instead, spend just a few minutes with us Great White, and get an outstanding vehicle wash and an experience like no other. Get started right now with one of our car wash memberships or our fleet wash program.